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One of our key specialisations is the installation and maintenance of domestic irrigation system. We design and build fully automated systems at very competitive prices.

An automated irrigation system will both take away the chore of watering, and as it offers a precise, timed application of water across a very specific distribution pattern (as per different requirements) it can increase the depth and growth in even the most established environment.

Professionally installed, and as unobtrusive as possible, these state of the art systems will transform your appreciation of the living environment outside of your door.

Lawns are watered with pop-up sprinklers, and are fed (as is specified by law) from a separate water storage tank, with an integrated pump system. We hold considerable expertise in designing and building such systems, and have been involved with creating systems for some of the most exclusive properties across London, the Home Counties, and beyond. We have a full comprehension of the necessity of the engineering of the system to horticultural requirements, and also a developed understanding of fitting the design around architectural aesthetics.
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Buried control valves for irrigation
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Irrigation set up
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Tank and pump irrigation system